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Basic Guidelines On Locating Crucial Issues In Pool Leak Detection

Is The Pool Leaking Only With The Equipment On?

Are there leaks at the equipment pad? This does not rule out leaks in the plumbing, but turns a suspicious eye on the shell of the pool, looking for cracks in the plaster or tears in the vinyl.  Use tape or a pencil to mark water levels.  Old, worn out hydrostatic valves are often the culprits when it comes to an in-ground swimming pool leak. It is eventually piped back to the pool through the return lines. This test needs to be conducted with the pump on, then again with the pump off. If you see something that looks like a crack, drop some of your pH indicator test reagent near it with your pump shut off and water still.  Pool techs inject air into a pipe, then listen electronically for sounds of air escaping with a super-sensitive microphone. Determine the location of the leak. Pool Installation

Check the ground for moisture. It is important to repair leaks, not only to save water, heat, and chemicals, but also to prevent undermining pool structural components and washing away fill dirt. Place a bucket filled with pool water on a pool step weight it with a rock or brick. For solutions to your pool leak problems visit: WATER LOSS MEASUREMENT IN MINUTES Measures changes to the 10,000th of an inch. Vinyl Liner pools need to have water in them at all times! Environmental factors such as humidity and wind can have an effect, causing you to lose up to a quarter inch of water per day, or about 2 inches per week to evaporation. The air displaces the water in the pipe until it reaches the leak, at which point bubbles escape from the hole to reveal the problem area. Other times, a special television camera is snaked through plumbing pipes to spot leaks. Under water lights can and do leak as well. 

If you suspect you have a leak in the filtration system: Check, first, to see if you see air bubbles in the water in the return line when the pool's pump is running. Does the water seem to stabilize at any particular level? Or, where a pipe fails to maintain a constant air pressure, a leak exists. Are there any wet pool supply houston areas around the pool? Depending on the region and climate in which you live, it may not be uncommon for your pool's water level to vary day by day. Under concrete slabs and asphalt American Leak Detection is the world leader in finding swimming pool and spa leaks - we created the industry. This may indicate a pressure-side return leak.  Check the waste or backwash line for water consistently running.  Is the pool leaking only with the equipment on?

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